Hello, world

I’ve been thinking about keeping a blog for a long time, ever since I knew what the word meant. So, here it is. My topics, as the title to this blog suggest, will be running and wine drinking. I’ll also write about being a new dad. My son, Noah, was born in July 2007. Me and his mother are not together right now, but we are working on getting our acts together, so who knows.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying tasting wine since 2002, and I’ve been running since 2004. So, that makes me a novice at each.

My favorite wines are Cabernets, Petite Syrahs, and Bordeaux wines.
Running? In April 2004, I couldn’t run two miles without stopping. It took me until July to run three miles without stopping. I worked my way up to racing a 5k by Sept. 2004, and ran my first race of any kind, the 9/11 Freedom Run, in less than 26 minutes. With all that crowd support, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve run several 5ks (best time 21:09), a few 10ks (best (47:47), two half marathons (1:52:20 is best) and two marathons (one under five hours, one over five hours).