Austin 3M Half Marathon race report

Time: 1:31:39
Pace: 6:59.9

This is a PR by 4:22. I started out slow to make sure I would not blow
up at the end. I think I averaged 7:10 or so the first half. I was
also slow in the beginning because my shin started cramping up at Mile
2. There were a few miles in the 7:20s because my leg hurt so bad. At
one point I stopped to retie my shoe and try to rub the cramp out.

(by the way, I've had this shin cramp thing early in races before,
but not since last April. Also, I think my legs just weren't ready in
the first mile because we had to stand huddled up at the start line
for an hour while Austin PD tried to secure the course. Seems the wind
was blowing over barricades and cars were driving through the course.)

Anyway, my legs finally warmed up around Mile 5 and I just made it my
goal to average a sub 7:00 pace after the halfway point. According to
the race website, I averaged 6:50 over the last 6.9 miles.

Even though it was a PR, I feel like I left some time on the course,
especially early in the race as I battled shun problems. Nevertheless,
I'm proud of today's time and I am happy about how the day turned out.

I have no doubt that I will run that sub 1:30 in a half marathon this year.

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  1. DUDE! freakin' awesome!! congrats on the pr. once you get your calves in gear you are definitely going to tear up the full, no questions.

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