3M Half Marathon Race Report: Too hot for a PR, but 1:32 is nothing to sneeze at

3M Half Marathon Results

A quick synopsis: I ran the first three miles about 10 seconds slower than my planned pace, then the next four miles a little faster than pace. By Mile 8, the 70-degree temp had taken its toll on my legs and all the fight out of my mind. My legs started getting a little tight, and knowing I still have a marathon to run in three weeks, I took it easy the last three miles.

So, not fast enough to qualify for New York (I needed 1:30. I wound up with 1:32:29), and not even a PR (1:31 and change on this course last year), but it’s a time I’ll take.

1……. 7:02
2……. 7:04
3……. 7:04
4……. 6:56
5……. 6:38 (downhill)
6……. 6:47
7……. 6:53
8……. 7:05
9……. 7:06
10….. 7:22 (stopped for water)
11….. 7:11
12….. 7:10
13….. 7:02

Kevin Lyons #3273
Austin, TX, USA
Age: 42 Gender: M
Chip Time 1:32:29
Overall Place 241 / 4515
Gender Place 200 / 1915
Division Place 27 / 311

First 10K Rank 263
First 10K Time 43:18
Final 6 9M Rank 241
Total Pace 7:04/M

4 thoughts on “3M Half Marathon Race Report: Too hot for a PR, but 1:32 is nothing to sneeze at”

  1. Nice!! Not far from your PR, I'd like to assume you could have gunned for it had you sharpened the beginning and latter miles. But, not your A-race so I certainly understand holding back.

  2. Thanks, Tri-James….

    Lindsay….yeah, it was so hot that the first few miles, i decided i wasnt gonna go for it, then the middle miles i said, ok, why not, then it got a little harder than i wanted it to be, so i slowed down….

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