Disobeying the doctor’s orders: I’m running again

Call me stupid. Insane. Crazy. Hard-headed.

I’ve been running. Not real fast. Not real far. But I’ve been moving faster than an old blue-haired woman at the mall.

Running. With my running shoes on. And socks. And shorts. And my singlet.

Blink. Gulp. Deep breath.

Now I know what you are going to say: “Didn’t the doctor tell you three months of no running?”

Yep. He said that. But maybe he got the timeframe wrong.

Everyone I’ve talked to with this kind of injury can’t walk, feels sharp pains in their pelvis, needs crutches. And, most importantly, feels excruciating pain when they attempt to run.

Since I’ve been diagnosed with this pelvis stress fracture, and subsequently have not run, I’ve felt pain in my hip, not pelvis. I don’t need crutches. I don’t have sharp pain. Or any pain at all in my pelvis. The doctor actually told me to check back with him in mid-April to see how I’m progressing and if I felt better, he’d let me run then.

But I’m feeling better now. I wanna run now. So Tuesday, I decided to go to bootcamp and do ab work and run two miles on the trails. Felt no pain afterwards.

Then Wednesday, I ran 2.5 miles pain free. And Thursday, today 4.5 miles.

Everything but my pelvis hurt. Knees. Ankles. Quads. And, yeah, there was some soreness in the muscle around my pelvis and hip. I guess everything was waking up from a month of dormancy. But my pelvis didn’t hurt. And in fact, as the miles ticked off on today’s run, I felt better and better and better.

So, I’m back to running. Slow. Easy. And I’ve moved up my appointment with the doctor to this Monday. And unless he tells me to stop running, then I’m running.

By the way, don’t tell my doctor.

Today’s run:

4 thoughts on “Disobeying the doctor’s orders: I’m running again”

  1. Good luck, I’ve always been a fan of knowing my own body better than anyone else. Take it easy and have fun getting back in shape.

  2. gee, I dont know what to say. I am one of those to run sooner than others. 3 weeks after major abdominal surgery, but with a stress fracture I dont know if I’d risk it.
    I know the feeling, waiting is just not for runners

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