Noahspeaks: Ramblings of a 3-year-old; he already has a crush

Recent sayings from the mouth of my 3-year-old:

“Daddy, its not your day – it’s momma’s day.” – Kid had on floppy hat that his mother loves. Everytime I see him, I take the hat off. But this time, he put it back on his head and reminded me, in his own little way, that it was Mother’s Day and momma was gonna get her way.

“Daddy – I don’t think you should be cheating.” – Ok. He caught me red-handed on a kids card game.

“Can’t you just sound out the words like you tell me to do?” – There were some words on a sign written in Spanish. Noah asked me what those words said. When I told him I couldn’t read the sign, he gave me a classic response.

I’ve been subscribing to since the day Noah was born. This is a cool site that tells you what to expect out of your child when he ages. And its been pretty much right on, though I think Noah is probably a little ahead of the curve. (Doesnt every dad think this about his kid?) He can pretty much read all of the little bedtime books we’ve ever read to him. Sometimes I think he is just going on memory, then I ask him how to spell a word he just said, and I’ll be damned if he can’t spell “T-U-B-A” or “P-R-I-N-C-E.”

Noah is starting to develop a crush on one of his little friends. (Didn’t even know that was possible at 3!) When I picked him up from his mother, the name, “Megan” was written all over one of his little books. I asked him who this Megan person was. His response: “She’s fantastic. She’s my friend. She treats me very nice.”

Oh, boy.

2 thoughts on “Noahspeaks: Ramblings of a 3-year-old; he already has a crush”

  1. That is so cute! I love that he called his little girlfriend “fantastic”. That is precious! And I love that he caught you in a card game. My niece and nephew are 8 and 6 (respectively) and I swear, you can’t get a THING by those kids. They remember and notice everything…everything you say, everything you wear, everything you do. I don’t know if kids were always this perceptive, but if they’re getting keener all the time, then I’m screwed by the time Baby Key comes along. Screwed, I tell you! 🙂
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