Capitol 10K race report: A fun run. A negative split.

Near the end of the Cap 10K. Not sure how I was able to smile because things were starting to hurt a little.

I really debated for the longest time about whether or not to run the Capital 10k. I had run virtually no hills leading up to this race, my leg was still wonky, and the temp was going to be in the 70s at the start.

But, who’d want to miss out racing with 23,000 of your closest friends? So, I decided I’d just do the race for fun and try to negative split the thing, which for me isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Despite taking Mile 5 off for a 15 second walk break, I managed to negative split the race, running 22:26 in the first 5K and 21:36 in the second 5K.

To make sure I went out slow in the beginning, I ran 8 miles easy on Saturday morning – knowing I would not have fresh legs would make me respect the distance and keep my speed honest.

(I also drank two glasses of Stags Leap Petite Syrah Saturday night. With tired legs and tannins in my sweat, no way I’d try to blow a gasket during the race Sunday.)

As you can see from the first graphic, I had a negative split. I ran the first half in 22:26 (a 7:07 min/mile pace) and the second half in 21:36 (6:53 pace). The first half had all the Crazy. Friggin. Hills. (See Chart No. 2 below – that’s just ridiculous).

I was starting to get a little tired around Mile 4 and at about the 4.5-mile mark, as we made the turn on Cesar Chavez, I stopped for a 15 second water break. I. Had. Had. Enough.

This is the elevation for the Cap 10K. If you went out too fast, the hills in the beginning would. Kill. You.

But I picked it up and sucked it up and had enough in the tank to sprint the last quarter-mile. (Look at that pace will ya, 5:38 min/mile).

Though my Garmin measured the course long and gave me an average split pace of 6:59 min/mile pace, the official race website put my pace at 7:05 min/mile. Hey, that’s really nothing to quibble about. The last time I ran this race, in 2010, I popped a personal best 41:47 (6:44 pace) – so I’ve got a lot of work to do to get back in That. Kind. Of. Shape.

Maybe its time to start training for that next marathon.


7 thoughts on “Capitol 10K race report: A fun run. A negative split.”

  1. Ha! I’m the same way before a race… if I’m “racing” it, I do all the right things (include avoid alcohol). If it’s a “fun run” I’ll have a glass of wine with dinner the night before. What’s that petite syrah like? I’ve had their cab, but not any other varietals…

    Nice work on that last quarter mile, too!
    Beth (i run like a girl) recently posted..Hello Pensacola

  2. i like how you run a conservative 10k on a warm day and think “hmm time to do another marathon”. tooootally logical there. 😉

  3. what a muscle definition you show in that picture!
    Great shot and it seems you had a very good race

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