Westin Hotels has an opening for what might be the coolest hotel job ever: Running concierge

Usually when you check into a hotel and need directions to a theater or tips on the best steakhouse, you ask the concierge.

But if you check into a Westin Hotel this fall, you might get a concierge who’ll give you so much more.

In the coolest job ever file, Westin Hotels announced recently that it is hiring what they call a “RunWESTIN Concierge.”

According to a press release from Westin Hotels parent company Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the hotel is “actively seeking experienced, passionate runners to join them on the road and serve as the on-site running expert for Westin VIPs participating in select Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series events.”

Applicants – and already more than 400 have applied – have until June 30 to apply for the job which will have one lucky runner traveling to more than 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon destinations to help Westin Hotels guests prepare for their upcoming marathon. To apply, go to www.runwestinconcierge.com.

According to the press release, the RunWESTIN concierge will act as a personal marathon coach, share training and race advice, lead warm-up runs and lend recovery tips.

The hotel says it hopes to have three finalists to tryout for the job during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Chicago on July 21. The winner will make their first appearance at the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, September 15.