Usain Bolt chart: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who are cheating?

Of the men with the 25 fastest 100-meter dash times in the world, 11 have been busted for steroids, including just recently, Tyson Gay, the American record-holder.usain bolt

Of this number, 5 of the Top 8 are known cheaters.

What’s remarkable is that world-record holder Usain Bolt is not using or has not been caught using steroids.

This begs the same question we asked during the Lance Armstrong scandal: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who have been busted for cheating?

Below are the Top 25 performances in the 100-meter dash. The names blocked out in yellow have tested positive at one point for PEDs. (Note: These times are not the races that the runners were busted for cheating. That’s why you don’t see the name Ben Johnson. It was found that he ran that 9.79 in the 1988 Summer Olympics while he was juiced and so his mark was stricken from the books. Presumably, these men listed below were clean when they ran their record times, but at some point before or after their historic run, they got busted.)


Chart Courtesy: Wikipedia

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7 Responses to Usain Bolt chart: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who are cheating?

  1. Paul says:

    They were, are all taking drugs. They are not heroes. Yes they are talented. They train hard. The times that they are running are impossible to achieve without performance enhancing drugs. They are frauds.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Honestly, seeing this chart really makes me question the sport. I have been a track and field athlete for 13+ years, mainly competing in the 400 meter dash. It is so disappointing to see so many great athletes really let down. I remember watching Shawn Crawford years back in admiration. Hopefully Usain can prove that there is honestly left.

  3. Reese says:

    A bit of a technicality, but the article you link says they were “busted” for stimulants. Nowhere did I see where it says they were “busted” for steroids.
    As far as whether Usain is clean, I can only hope that he is. But I try not to judge guilty until I have some evidence. Lance had clearly tested positive in the past and tried to hide it. People came out and said they had seen him dope. I have yet to hear that about Bolt.

  4. Dave says:

    Here is an idea…why not make it legaly mandatory for all atheletes, once turned pro, to have half of their earnings go into a trust fund. Once they retire…after a proven drug free career…which is very short in real world terms, they get the money in a lump sum, or however they wish it. This would free up all the legal wrangling, court time, and financial shell games, which currently, ar the status quo, and are supposed to be a detterent to cheating. I am sure an athelete who earns millions in endoresements, over a decade long career, can live off of a few million dollars until they retire, and collect the remaning untold millions. If you refuse to agree to the terms of professional athelete status, then you will be barred, as it would reason, a desire to “enhance.”

  5. Jason Sparen says:

    Why not just say the obvious. Bolt is cheating…I’ve always believed that and I know I’ll be proven right one day. A non PED athlete cannot destroy PED athletes…if that were the case, we’d never have had PED’s to begin with. Any 100 metre runner in the FINAL is on something — period! You can live in with your head in the sand in Delusialand, or you can accept that people can and will ALWAYS cheat to get somewhere in life they couldn’t otherwise be without cheating. The fact that so many Jamaicans have been busted is all the evidence you need. I believe they are protecting Bolt for whatever reason, and one day when he’s past it, they bust him too. Ben Johnson was also Jamaican born…but let’s not put two and two together…let’s pretend all the other Jamaican cheat, but not Bolt…he’s somehow different…lol!

  6. Snoop says:

    Obviously none of those guys who were busted were “clean” when they ran their FASTEST times. Even if they didn’t get busted, common sense dictates that they weren’t faster clean than they were when they were doping. Top athletes know how to fool the testers. Some of the substances aren’t even detectable.
    Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones are just two athletes who were proven to have been doping their entire careers and yet the passed hundreds of drugs tests.

    I agree with Jason Sparen’s comment … it’s obvious that a non-doping athlete cannot break the world best times of every doped athlete that ever lived !
    People may want to believe in fairy tales, but it just isn’t happening.

    But it’s not just Bolt. He’s no more a “cheat” than the best of his rivals. Every single sprinter who is consistently running the incredible elite times we see these days is undoubtedly using PEDs.
    People need to use their common sense, do some logical reasoning, and think about it objectively …. it’s obviously impossible for even the most talented athlete to out-do PED-using rivals of similar talent.
    Let’s face it, all of these men are super-human without the drugs, but there’s no way the fastest “clean” guy is going to be faster than a whole legion of the fastest doped guys !

  7. Interesting says:

    Lance may have made more people skeptical but there were plenty of people who questioned these athletes well before Lance was caught. Understanding what steroids can do to the human body, it’s quite difficult to believe a non-drugged up athlete can not only compete with but beat the ones who are using it.

    It’s probably better that Bolt never gets caught though. His achievements has done plenty of good just like how Lance’s achievements has done lots of good.

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