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Usain Bolt chart: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who are cheating?

Of the men with the 25 fastest 100-meter dash times in the world, 11 have been busted for steroids, including just recently, Tyson Gay, the American record-holder.usain bolt

Of this number, 5 of the Top 8 are known cheaters.

What’s remarkable is that world-record holder Usain Bolt is not using or has not been caught using steroids.

This begs the same question we asked during the Lance Armstrong scandal: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who have been busted for cheating?

Below are the Top 25 performances in the 100-meter dash. The names blocked out in yellow have tested positive at one point for PEDs. (Note: These times are not the races that the runners were busted for cheating. That’s why you don’t see the name Ben Johnson. It was found that he ran that 9.79 in the 1988 Summer Olympics while he was juiced and so his mark was stricken from the books. Presumably, these men listed below were clean when they ran their record times, but at some point before or after their historic run, they got busted.)


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One thought on “Usain Bolt chart: How does the one guy not cheating have faster times than all the guys who are cheating?”

  1. Obviously none of those guys who were busted were “clean” when they ran their FASTEST times. Even if they didn’t get busted, common sense dictates that they weren’t faster clean than they were when they were doping. Top athletes know how to fool the testers. Some of the substances aren’t even detectable.
    Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones are just two athletes who were proven to have been doping their entire careers and yet the passed hundreds of drugs tests.

    I agree with Jason Sparen’s comment … it’s obvious that a non-doping athlete cannot break the world best times of every doped athlete that ever lived !
    People may want to believe in fairy tales, but it just isn’t happening.

    But it’s not just Bolt. He’s no more a “cheat” than the best of his rivals. Every single sprinter who is consistently running the incredible elite times we see these days is undoubtedly using PEDs.
    People need to use their common sense, do some logical reasoning, and think about it objectively …. it’s obviously impossible for even the most talented athlete to out-do PED-using rivals of similar talent.
    Let’s face it, all of these men are super-human without the drugs, but there’s no way the fastest “clean” guy is going to be faster than a whole legion of the fastest doped guys !

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