When a Travis County Family Law Judge Confirms that There is a Contract out on Your Kid, This is The Email He Writes to Your Attorney

In my last post, I wrote about how I was conned into signing a Rule 11 agreement concerning possession and access to my son, and when I tried to get out of that agreement, my ex successfully sued me for breach of contract to get me out of our kiddo’s life. 

The sad thing is that at any point, the judge on the case could have looked at this agreement, which did not give me any holidays with my son, any spring breaks or extended summers with my son, and only 64 total hours a month with my son, and said, “hey, this agreement is not in the best interest of the child.”

My kiddo is not a piece of property or an item tied to a monetary value.  But the judge “Jxxxxx” decided he who has the most money wins. And unfortunately my ex’s high-priced representation wiped the floor with my attorney. The judge’s ruling below. And point No. 4 means that I was ordered to pay the ex’s attorney $15,000.


Family Court Judge Ruling Letter
Letter from a Travis County family law judge to my attorney, informing my attorney that I’m pretty much up a creek without a paddle.