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That time your kid photo-bombed a former U.S. president

Noah and Jimmy Carter
Noah and Jimmy Carter

Noah’s mom took him to see former president Jimmy Carter at BookPeople in Austin on Aug. 1.

There was so much Secret Service around that there was no time for photos, but they did get a chance to snap off this one picture of Noah, looking all serious.

It was a good wrapup to the kiddo’s 8th birthday.

Anyway, the backstory is this: Noah had a letter all ready to give to Carter. It said, in part, “Dear Mr. President, thank you for coming to Austin. I’ve read all about you. I’ve even heard you were a peanut farmer. The only problem with that is that I have a peanut allergy. But that’s ok. Maybe we can still be pen pals.”

Kids are so smart.


My 7-year-old son made the Tee-Vee news the other day

noah-1028My 7-year-old has a food allergy (peanuts and tree nuts). Halloween is right around the corner. An Austin television station (KEYE-TV) thought it’d be smart to detail how a child with peanut allergies can enjoy a holiday where most of the food thrown in your trick-or-treat basket contains nuts.

All of the film for this news story was shot at the home of Noah’s mom. Noah tells the cameras that one day, his father – me – ate a granola bar then kissed him and he had an allergic reaction. So yeah, I’m kinda thrown under the bus. (And that’s not the way I remember that episode happening, but I will quarrel about that in another rant one day).

But still, very proud of the kiddo and how he speaks and can explain himself.