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In a year, Noah has gone from reading about “Dot and a Dog” to musings about the solar system

Noah, my 4-year-old son, is becoming quite the reader. When I picked him up last weekend, he had this book in his hands about the solar system. (From Usborne Children’s Books.)

I’m like, “What are you gonna do with that?”

He said, “I’m gonna read it.”

I told him that the book look kind of advanced for his age, but he said he could handle it.

And so, while we were in the car he opened the book and started reading. I caught him midway through with my iPhone and started recording (Yes, while I was driving – do not try this at home.)

Sorry about the weird editing. I’m just learning how to use the video editor on YouTube. I love the way Noah pronounces his words. “In this photo you can see…” So cute. And he is shown such improvement from this time last year, when I recorded him reading Bob’s Books.

Here is that video from a year ago. See how far Noah has come.

I showed Noah this video of himself the other day and he hated it. “Don’t play that video,” he said.

“Why not,” I said, “you look pretty cool in it.”

He said: “I read like a little boy in that video. I’m a big boy and can really read now.”


My kid entered his first official race

Noah was ready to run

This is Noah about an hour before he entered in his first official race on Sunday, a 1k which was part of the Run for the Water fundraiser in Austin.

I was so happy to pin his bib to his Halloween costume – he was a spider.

Noah was very excited to race the other kids, but when he got to the starting line and saw all the people, he got a little stage fright.

He didn’t want to get out of the car. He said his stomach hurt. He said he was hungry and needed something to eat.

So, I held his hand and walked with him the entire way. He still didn’t run, but he did walk the entire 1K without demanding that I put him on my shoulders.

Afterwards, when all the butterflies left his little tummy, Noah told me he’d try to run the next race and that there would definitely be a next race. His words, not mine. I told him he could run or walk as long as he had fun.

Here is Noah post-race: Not a very happy camper. But he cheered up later. Like I said earlier, I’m a proud papa!

Noah wasn't so happy after the race.

Noahspeaks: He doesn’t like napping and he can tell you all about it

Sometimes, three-year-olds say the darndest things. And so it is with my kiddo. Here is the latest installment of the strange and the sublime out of the mouth of Noah:

There is just one thing this week and its not something Noah said. It’s something he wrote.

Yes. Something he wrote.

Background first. In December 2008, I bought my first iPhone. At the time, Noah was 1 and some change. Since then, when I see Noah, I let him play with my phone. He quickly learned how to get to the pictures and use his little fingers to slide through the images. He knows how to play some of the games I’ve downloaded for him, including Scrabble, Uno, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

And as he has learned how to read, he has taken that knowledge to spell words on my iPhone’s notepad.

So it was, last weekend, we were eating lunch and Noah wanted to play with my phone. I gave it to him and went straight to the notepad and typed this message:

I am not sleep and I will not got too bed.”

We were not talking about sleep, or naps, or Noah being tired. I didn’t tell him what to write. I didn’t help him with these words or with this sentence. But, the one thing Noah hates is stopping in the middle of his day to take a nap, and here he was, letting me know about it. Of course, the real point is that he knew how to express himself in words by typing out a sentence that was more than “Matt sat on the cat,” or “Jill ran up the hill.”

Well, I showed this note to Nancy – Noah’s mother – and on this day, Noah got what he wanted: No nap.