To run, or not to run

It’s raining outside. My feet hurt, especially first thing in the morning when I get out of bed. Hope it’s not a case of plantar fasciitis because I’ve got the Austin 3M Half Marathon coming up Sunday. I have not run since a slow, slow, slow 3-miler Sunday morning, so missing today makes it two days in a row since I’ve not run. So, I’ll just chalk it up to tapering. My body needs the rest. I’ll try some 1/2 mile intervals tomorrow just to keep sharp, then do a 6-miler Thursday and see where I am.


Yesterday, they played the NFC and AFC championship games in very cold weather. In Green Bay, it was 1 degree at kickoff, making it the third coldest NFL game ever played. So, I thought I’d tough it out and run a 3-miler in 40 degree weather here in Fort Worth. I’ve run in colder weather. At both marathons I’ve run in, temperatures at the start were in the 30s. I don’t think I’ve run in anything colder than 20s. Its funny, when people see you running in the cold, they wonder, “how are you doing that.” But people who don’t run don’t understand that running when it is, say 30 to 40 degrees outside, is much better than running when it is 70 to 80 degrees outside, especially if you are running longer than an hour.

Feeling fresh again

Didn’t run Thursday, so went out today in the 32 degree morning and went 5.1 miles in about 43 minutes. Last mile was in 7:57. I think the reason I’ve put on an extra 10 pounds from Jan. 2007 to now is because I run too slow. If I can run a half marathon in 8:30 m/m pace and keep my heart rate at around 85 percent or so, I should do more short runs at that pace, even faster. Gotta blowout those lungs.
On the wine front, finished off a nice bottle of Layer Cake Shiraz. Yummy. Here is a cool web site that gives you everything you want to know about wine.

A blah day.

Well, I ran 6.5 miles today in 58 minutes, which is an 8:55 mile. The last mile was the fastest (8:07). I think one day, I’m going to go out and run as hard and as far as possible. Not 5k hard or even 10k hard. But hard. See what happens.
More importantly, depression is starting to set in. Not depression like something is wrong in my life. No, this is more like, “OK, now what do I do?” I’m not training for a marathon. My job is so so, though I love it. It’s like, where is the next challenge, the next thing that I need to achieve.

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