April running: Over 100 miles for first time since Aug. 2012

Ever since this thing has attacked my hip and made running for long distances virtually impossible, I’ve stuck to low and slow: Low mileage, run as slow as I can. Lots of 3- and 4-mile jaunts around Town Lake.

But what I noticed is that inactivity made things worse. Taking weeks or whole months off at a time did not help one bit. So earlier this year, I decided to do something crazy. Run 5 to 6 days a week, 2 to 3 to 4 miles at a time.

Slowly, things started feeling just a little better: 55 miles in January; 76 miles in February; and 97 miles in March. In March, I rejoined the Luke’s Locker Tuesday taco run, which incorporates a lot of hills over 4.5 miles. Running those hills has loosened up my hip even more it seems.

So, in April, I had to go for 100 miles right?

Damn right: 24 runs for 124 miles (sounds like the stats of a running back). I’m still slow, as you can see from the day-to-day chart of my April runs I’ve provided below. No sub 8-minute averages. A few 7-plus mile runs. (I’ve circled happy achievements, i.e., sub-9 minute runs, an 8-mile run, etc.)

From run to run – and sometimes from mile to mile – this hip thing comes and it goes. There is no pain that accompanies the dysfunction. Just a right leg that zigs when I tell it to zag.

But I’m hanging in there. Like a friend told me on the trail the other day: Running is a blessing. Be glad that you still can.



Still injured

This nerve problem in my hip is still giving me problems but I am SLOWLY getting better. I managed to run 25 miles last week — most in like forever. And in the month of February, I put together 76 miles.

The miles were slow and arduous. I could run 4 miles two years ago easily in under 30 minutes. Now, I’m happy if I can cover that same distance under 40 minutes.

The main thing is that I’m still running.

Not. Giving. Up.


How far did Rocky run in that Rocky II training run? This Philly Post blogger has found the answer

rocky-park-benchIf you are a fan of the Rocky movie series and a runner — like myself — then this article at The Philly Post will absolutely make your day.

Using landmarks shown during the 2 minute, 30-second clip of the famous training montage from the Rocky II movie, the Philly Post’s Dan McQuade estimates that Rocky ran 30.61 miles in his last workout before facing Apollo Creed.

Talk about a long run!

McQuade hilariously points out that Rocky even had the energy to leap those park benches (above) near the end of his run. And anybody who has ever run a marathon (much less an ultra like Rocky purportedly ran) knows that your legs are so shot near the end that you can barely jump over the downtown street curbs.

From McQuade:

“Did the kids jump the bench, too? These are some in-shape kids! Why didn’t these kids become track stars in the 80s and 90s? And where are their parents? Is this why Philadelphia was so screwed up in the 70s?”

We got our hands on the Zapruder film. We know who Deep Throat was. And now we know how far Rocky ran. Muri-cah!

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