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My 7-year-old son made the Tee-Vee news the other day

noah-1028My 7-year-old has a food allergy (peanuts and tree nuts). Halloween is right around the corner. An Austin television station (KEYE-TV) thought it’d be smart to detail how a child with peanut allergies can enjoy a holiday where most of the food thrown in your trick-or-treat basket contains nuts.

All of the film for this news story was shot at the home of Noah’s mom. Noah tells the cameras that one day, his father – me – ate a granola bar then kissed him and he had an allergic reaction. So yeah, I’m kinda thrown under the bus. (And that’s not the way I remember that episode happening, but I will quarrel about that in another rant one day).

But still, very proud of the kiddo and how he speaks and can explain himself.